10/15/2015 Mike’s Blog: Are we not all Josephs?

The story of Joseph suffering unjust punishments the Lord used afterwards to save many others is one of the most famous in the Old Testament. But is it just an “old story?” Shouldn’t we all be Josephs? When we receive a true revelation of Jesus Christ it always sets us apart from not only the world, but the religious and the merely converted as well. We receive a vision of who and what God wants us to truly be and do, and suddenly all of our temple activities are just going through the motions. When we begin to abide in Christ and our eyes are opened to the kingdom of heaven on earth it typically results in alienation from traditional religion, which comes in the form of both rejection by it of us, and of us by it.

We are then “cast in to the pit” of God’s pruning to see if we, being faithful in little, will be found faithful to inherit much (Luke 16:10). I have never known a true kingdom saint who was not led out in to seemingly endless deserts that lasted for years full of dark and unsettling nights, to be mercifully broken and tested, and this so his Master could hear, “Let the bones which Thou hast broken rejoice!” from him. The flesh must be shed, all we were must die at the cross, and the price of enduring patience must be paid before being found worthy of God’s higher callings. There is no way under, over, or around this, and it is only through running this gauntlet Joseph’s emerge.

For the sake of others the disciple is made a spectacle, and condemned to death in this world. He is made a fool—the scum of the world—so others can be made prudent. He is made weak that others might be made strong, and he is found without honor that others might be distinguished. He is treated roughly as he works to help others. Yet because of the pruning he has endured, and the abiding relationship with his Lord that has accomplished, he blesses when reviled, endures when persecuted, and reconciles when slandered (1 Cor. 4:9-13). The disciple then often winds up in a world that has little resemblance to the one he came from, for he has indeed become an entirely new creature in Christ Jesus. He has a new family, speaks a new language, and has a new mission in life the world cannot comprehend. Sound like Joseph?

Ah, but the end-game of all his sufferings and all of his labor is to go before those God loves through him, preparing the way of their salvation and provision during the years of famine the world forces upon them. When others he helps have paid the price of discipleship, and come to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, even those who used to mock him see the light in him and some even come to understand his original vision. More than that, they now obtain a vision of their own through the preparation God made for them through him.

Are you going through a Joseph experience? Has God given you a vision that has alienated you from “the church,” your family, and your friends? Have you become an outcast because they no longer understand where God is taking you? Has the Spirit sent you out into a wilderness, the end of which seems dark and endless? Then rejoice, for you have been found worthy to endure sufferings for His glory and the salvation of others! You are not the outcast, you are the chosen one. You are not unloved, you are most cherished. Those deserts will never be there to kill you, but to kiln you. Keep pressing on, keep enduring, keep fighting the good fight of the faith and God will lead you to the fulfillment of the vision He gave you! It won’t be about you, for that is not the way of love. It will be about others for love is always, tirelessly, relentlessly, and unswervingly about others.

All who truly want to follow Jesus into this world will be Josephs. Those who do not wish to walk the path of discipleship will never make it through the mocking, the estrangements, the pits and the deserts required. They will take their hands from the plow and turn back (Luke 9:62) the moment the journey requires a cost. Though they may find great success and wealth in this world, they will not be found worthy for riches in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Will you be a Joseph? Will you endure temporary sufferings in this life for the provision and eternal life of others? Seek the way that is beyond even the greater gifts of God (1 Cor. 12:31), forget all that lies behind you and determine to press on to His upward calling (Phil. 3:13-14), count all you have in this life as unworthy so that you may gain Christ (Phil. 3:8), and get ready for a journey Joseph and you will one day rejoice over!

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