7/19/2015 – Mike’s Blog: Tip of the Spear Update


Back in December of 2009, in a blog entitled “Homosexual Attack,” I first warned the forces of evil would use the homosexual movement as the “tip of its spear” to bring down organized religion. I wrote the downfall would come through the loss of 501c3 status, and the possibility of facing criminal charges leveled through hate speech laws as well for any religious organization that spoke out against homosexuality. I said I didn’t know when it would happen, I just felt a certainty that it would. With the Supreme Court decision recently to legalize same sex marriage that has become a very real possibility [please see article below], so I felt inclined to write this update.

I also wrote in that article, and maintain today, I do not consider the sin of homosexuality any worse than any other, so I don’t want this to be seen as gay bashing. Anyone who knows me also knows this is certainly not a call to arms for our Christian political activists, because “good soldiers of Jesus Christ do not become entangled in the everyday affairs of men.”


There are a few new aspects, in addition to the article, that are the reason for this update:

  • I wrote earlier it would be the homosexual movement that would be used by the forces of darkness to bring down today’s church. I am not so sure now as I was six years ago whether it is God or Satan orchestrating it. Just as Jesus prophesied the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem the Jews had come to worship thousands of years ago, it is a possibility God is orchestrating, and a certainty He is allowing, this attack on the temples we worship today. I applaud bringing down organized religion and its temples regardless of who is orchestrating it, so the true church of Jesus Christ can finally be revealed.
  • In response to a post on my Reconnections Friends FB page, a brother suggested this will also be used to attack the head of the religious snake: our seminaries. Any seminary’s life blood is, like all aspects of modern Christendom, money. That comes in several forms, but the primary one the federal government is the puppet master of. That is accreditation. All educational institutions in the country have to be accredited by the Department of Education, an agency openly hostile to biblical precepts, if they want to qualify for student loans. Accreditation also allows incoming students to transfer credits from former institutions they have attended to new ones they want to attend. Without either of these critical capabilities a seminary’s money would quickly dry up. Up until July 1, 2010 both government and private sources made student loans. But then Barak Obama changed all that by making any future student loans the business of Uncle Sam. This is not surprising inasmuch as Obama has made it clear he wants to make everything we say, think, or do the business of Uncle Sam.

What are our seminaries going to do when the homosexuals begin applying for gay housing, and other acknowledgments and rights? What are they going to do when classes in the history if gays in religious movements, and other such courses, must be offered in the interest of “fairness”? Any seminary that does not bow to these demands will be stripped of federal accreditation, and therefore denied the money they need to operate. When you buy in to the world’s love of money, you become the puppet of its puppet masters. Organized religion, from the head of the snake down to the tail, has bought in hook, line, and sinker, and now the puppet masters must be paid homage to.

  • Finally,  there is a second upper-cut that will follow the tip of the spear. The tip will be followed by the shaft, which will be the worldwide financial collapse soon coming that will finish off the ornate campuses we call seminaries, and the even more ornate temples we call churches.

The forces of evil are moving rapidly now, and have become a tidal wave that cannot be stopped. God has abandoned America as a nation because America long ago abandoned Him, and we are about to feel His just wrath. Hillary Clinton will win the White House, because the forces of evil now boast far more voters than the forces of good. The rapid slide into evil and lawlessness begun by Obama and his minions will only continue and worsen under Hillary. The election of the first woman president will result in a return to the Garden of Eden, when Adam first stepped back and let Eve rule. The results will be no less catastrophic.

Get ready to strap it on, people. “He is not for Jesus will be against Jesus, and He who does not gather with Him will be scattered.” Anyone who will not totally forsake the love of money and the love of this world, and indeed the love of his own life will succumb to what’s coming. Anyone who wants to hold on to his worldly goods will have to bow the knee to Big Brother in the coming times. Anyone who puts their hope in America, its laws, and its politicians will be in for a very rude awakening.

As I have said many times though my flesh quakes at the thought of what is coming, my spirit cries “Bring it on!” “Oh that you were hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm I spew you out of My mouth” (Rev. 3). Anything is preferable to life here in Laodicea.

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